Project Description

Carl Clarke

World famous DJ Carl Clarke refers to himself as an “accidental chef”.

Hailing from Handsworth in Birmingham, Carl ran away at 15 to Jersey with just a small amount of money. After spending all his money in a casino, he was offered a job in a hotel by an Austrian chef, peeling 8,000 potatoes a day. Carl saw food as a necessity, with his passion for cooking to follow later on in life. After working in hotels & the military, Carl ditched it all to become a world-famous DJ.

Throughout his career, Carl travelled the world & ate at top-end restaurants, where he realised he had an interest in food. In the 1990s, Carl began working for Marco Pierre White, U2 & Simon Rogan before launching his pop-up restaurant business.

With pop-ups such as Rock Lobsta, God Save the Clam & Disco Bistro under his belt, Chick ‘n’ Sours was the first restaurant for Carl & his partner David Wolanski, opening in 2015 with their ‘Secret Hot Sauce’ becoming a local phenomenon!

Carl describes himself as an “old raver who wanted to bring what we had in the clubs into the restaurant environment. The demographic of people that come to a place like Chick ‘n’ Sours want a good soundtrack and good visuals around them. They want the vibe. Food is important but it’s just one part of the jigsaw”.

Aiming to change fried chicken for the good – Carl & David launched their new fast-casual fried chicken concept, aptly named ‘Chik’n’, in July 2017. It’s “all about happy people serving kick-ass fried chicken to a banging soundtrack in an awesome environment”. More sites, more chicken, MORE CARL to come this year!