Project Description

Adam Banks

Adam is a chef inspired by Italian food. Before going it alone, Adam was most recently the Head Chef of Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Cornwall. When Fifteen Cornwall sadly closed its doors in December 2019, Adam took time to invest in himself and his training by staging at some of the best restaurants in Copenhagen – 108, Relae and Studio. 

Adam now uses his time to run pop up restaurants and one off dinners in and around Newquay. Sourcing his ingredients from organic growers, farmers and fishermen to support local producers means that he can hand-pick exactly what aligns with his values and is of the best quality for his customers. The other elements of your dish? Probably pickled, fermented, or foraged from the coastline. A day of prep for this chef often begins with an early morning visit to local growers. Occasionally found digging in the soil for vegetables that he’ll be serving later that day.