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12 - 14 MAY 2023


Natasha Osborne




Private Chef

Born and bred in St Ives itself, Natasha Osborne has been a chef for her entire professional life. The daughter of one of the town’s many fishermen, her proximity to the sea and the country’s best seafood has been an endless source of inspiration, fuelling her incessant desire to use the county’s gastronomic offering in as many ways as possible.

From training and working in Cornwall in the early years, her travels through France, Indonesia, Canada, and Australia are evident in her menus, pairing both humble and exotic ingredients prepared in both conventional, and more avant-garde ways.

Several years (and a child) later, the travelling came to an end, and Cornwall came calling once again. Moving back home made Natasha realise that the blueprint of fine dining had changed. The county had become a food hub, with new restaurants and eateries popping up on a far more regular basis than before. Harking back to her chalet roots, the idea to become a private chef in St Ives came quickly. With Cornwall’s picturesque scenes and cornucopia of produce, the best restaurant has often proved to be someone’s dining room with friends and family with an entirely bespoke menu worked on by the diners and Natasha herself.

Natasha’s glowing reputation and ability to connect with her clients through food has cemented her status as the first port of call for both visitors and residents when it comes to dining. Her readiness to evolve as a chef has also allowed her to branch out, partnering with Treseren, being the centrepiece for weddings year-round with her wood-fired dining. Aside from private dining, she is a constant feature in pop-ups all over, whether it be food festivals or smaller, intimate fixtures, showcasing the breadth of her talent.

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