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Project Description

Cornwall’s Finest Blues and Funk Band

Band Biography

John “Smokeydoodah” Smith  Vocals / Harmonica / Guitar / Sax.  The original bluesman, Smokeydoodah blows that harp with feeling and authenticity, just like he came straight from the cotton fields.

Chris “Choggster” Hogg  Guitar / Vocals.  Chris sings and plays guitar as though his life depends on it. He has the sound of a blues player many years older.

Jake Landers  Guitar.  Jake plays some of the meanest blues licks this side of the Atlantic. He bends those notes until they scream and howl.

Jonny “Dr Funk” Rubin  Bass.  The original laid back funkster, Dr Funk is the funkiest bassist we ever did hear. Sometimes he gets angry and slaps his bass.