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Project Description

Samba Celtica

are a friendly community samba band based in West Cornwall, near Helston. 

We have loads of fun playing funky interpretations of traditional samba styles in all kinds of settings – from festivals and nightclubs to carnivals and beaches, in fields, on streets and on clifftops – we are ready to bring drumming, dancing and fun to any occasion!

We have a large membership of all ages and new members (16+) are always welcome.

We play samba at a wide variety of events in Cornwall and the West Country throughout the year. We take part in most of the large carnivals and festivals in Cornwall as well as playing at parties, weddings, nightclubs… we usually have around 20 booked gigs a year.

On top of our booked gigs, we sometimes decide to go busking in and around Cornwall just for the love of it, in which case we also shake a bucket to collect some pennies for beer new instruments. If you see/hear us out and about please give us a wave, have a bit of a dance, throw your money at us, and come and talk to us if you fancy joining the band!

We play a mixture of different styles of samba including Rio samba, Samba Reggae, Maracatu, Ilê Aiyê and some funky interpretations of various other styles.

Instruments we play are:

  • Surdos (3 sizes of large drum, each playing a different part providing a heartbeat for the pieces we play)
  • Repiniques (high pitched drums played by the massive show-offs of the band)
  • Caixas (the absolutely relentless ones, usually eat most of the biscuits)
  • Chocalho / Ganzá / sometimes Xequerê (our lovely, lovely shaker section – not at all as easy at it looks!)
  • Tamborim (small but incredibly loud, playing long complicated patterns. Drink a lot of tea)
  • Agogô (two-tone bells, sometimes to be found moonlighting with the Tamborim section)