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Project Description

Bespoke social enterprise caterers for weddings, festivals, corporate functions & events. Street Food to A La Carte. For every meal sold, we will donate a meal to someone in food poverty. Book us and be part of something special this year! #wearethe5000

WHO? We are professional chefs with 20 years experience…

WHAT? We will use our pop up restaurant and bespoke catering service to create wonderful dishes for you guys to enjoy…

WHY? For every meal we sell we will donate, prepare, cook and serve a meal back to those in food poverty…

HOW? We use the very best local suppliers to produce top quality food. In return, when our suppliers have an abundance of crop, or surplus produce that cannot sell, they sell it to us cheaply or donate it. By working in partnership with them and other food waste organisations, local supermarkets and suppliers, we reduce food waste and help others around us in food poverty.

KCF is a registered Social Enterprise (Community Interest Company)

If you would like to support us in feeding 5000 local people in food poverty during 2017, please like our Facebook page and share it.