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Project Description

British Street Food Finalists 2016, Cracking Nuts, will be roasting up a delicious range of hot nuts and nutty treats. Look out for their amazing, award winning desserts.

We started Cracking Nuts after it struck us just how moorish and tasty the humble nut can be. We got hold of a 200 year old German recipe; played around with it a little; and came up with a traditional range of sweet cinnamon, salty and chilli roasted, peanuts, cashews and almonds, all with our own, unique, modern twist.

Just like us, our Nuts are very versatile. We treat each of our business partners individually. So if you’re looking for large kilners of Cracking Nuts behind your bar; little mini jars as gifts; specific flavours; or something more unique to your brand; please give us a call. We are happy to come and chat, armed with samples, to see what we can do for you.