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Project Description

At Copperpot Originals, we believe in sweet treats. We believe in the provenance and quality of our ingredients and the permission to indulge.

Based in the stunning Cornish town of St Ives, we are an international family confectionery business that has been cooking since 1978. Our gran was the original product developer, who tried and tested the recipes as developed by her son in a traditional copper pot.

Copper has a long history as the best metal for cooking, especially for fudge, owing to its excellent conductive properties. Copperpot Originals range of fudge is now made in a bespoke kitchen where the product is batch-cooked and cooled on racks, then hand-broken.

It’s the expert timings, precise temperatures and superb ingredients that make our fudge so much more than a seaside souvenir. Three generations of expertise means that we’ve crafted a premium product that’s perfect for gifting, indulgence and as an ingredient in every discerning chef’s kitchen.