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Project Description

“We make amazing crumbly homemade fudge and Frownies (homemade brownie with big chunks of fudge in). If its a taste of heaven your after than this is it!”

We are a husband and wife team, Steve & Ady Coote, I’m the brains behind the start of Cootealicious (although Steve would say he is!) and I started making fudge when I went onto maternity leave with our 3rd child. So I decided to make some fudge for the family at Christmas time and the more they tried my homemade fudge, the more requests I was getting to make more. They all absolutely loved it and before I knew it family and friends were requesting fudge for themselves and then presents for other people too!

I had a well-earned break while I had my 3rd child and concentrated on her, but then once she got older I started back on the fudge and have even set up a Facebook page to see what would happen, orders started to fly in and it has grown ever since!

Cootealicious is now growing more than I could have ever expect! We have an amazing following and have launched even more yummy treats like our now popular Frownies – all this and still NO PRESERVATIVES OR STABILIZERS! We are so excited to see what the future holds for our family business.